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Continuous Integration Developer practice / Development practice part 1

Developer practice vs development practice part 1 Alan Shalloway tweeted “if you want to learn how to become agile at the team level, you still want to consider how the team fits in the bigger picture” and this tweet gave … Continue reading

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What is in it for me?

In many references Agile Transformation is seen as a challenging journey. I mostly agree, but I would put this in a little larger perspective. All changes are challenges and when talking about changing the whole organization and people`s mindset added … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration – a world of it’s own

I’ve been working with software integration for almost a decade and not so surprisingly Continuous Integration (CI) has been a part of that story. It all started with automating the builds. That is maybe simple task in some contexts but … Continue reading

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Improvement items in the Product Backlog

The Scrum Product Backlog is Product Owner’s tool to communicate customer’s needs to development Teams in a prioritized order. Unfortunately that is not so simple as it sounds: Backlog and the way it is implemented creates the boundaries of self-organization … Continue reading

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Decision Making and Informal Leadership

One cornerstones of Agile transformation is People Empowerment. In the past decisions were usually made by managers who base their decisions on discussions with the formal and informal leaders at all levels of the organization. With Agile we would like … Continue reading

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Delegation Game between Product Owner and Teams

In his Agile Management course Jurgen Appelo introduces the Delegation Game for managers to rehearse delegation of authority. The game is all about managers developing intuition in determining what delegation level to use in which situations. The game itself is … Continue reading

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