What is in it for me?

In many references Agile Transformation is seen as a challenging journey. I mostly agree, but I would put this in a little larger perspective. All changes are challenges and when talking about changing the whole organization and people`s mindset added with the fact that this will take many years; it just is something totally different than adopting a new process or twisting corners here and there. In my thinking Agile transformation is part of something bigger and might change people`s life and thinking indefinitely. Agile Transformation is about changing Organizational Culture and touching people`s values, attitudes and behaviours in a way that goes way beyond traditional change programs. Actually I think that Agile transformation could (should) also be stated as Organizational Culture Transformation.

Organizational Culture wins over tools and processes. Always. Organizations should not ignore the past and try to forget everything that has sculptured their current culture. On a large organization the culture is also more complex and has more moving parts than on a smaller one.

When involving people on a change we need to touch something that they feel important. In Agile we have seen that new people start to take off and sometimes people who have been in the spotlight earlier somehow vanish. This is natural when considering famous quote from consultants: “What is in it for me?” Agile values bring up good things about people (mostly) and at least I feel energized when looking at people feeling great at work. Learning new things, setting new bars for their own development, communicating more and generally feeling better. These are the great things that also change Organizational Culture most. People are the Culture!


About Henri Kivioja

I believe in teams, personal development, humanity and good life.
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