This post is an edited version from previously published writing in my old blog.

Lately in our organization we have been thinking and talking a lot about motivation. Dan Pink`s top seller ´Drive´deals a lot with intrinsic motivation and I really suggest to have a look at his website (and read the book as well). What about passion then? I might be very passionate but am I then also motivated? And vice versa? In my world those two go hand in hand but unfortunately one rarely encounters large bursts of passion on a big company (or at least it is not easily visible). One way to explore this subject is to have a look what search #passion gives us in Twitter!/search/%23passion. As this is a living search we all see new things from other people that they categorize and think as passion. Interesting indeed…. I think that Passion and Motivation are the true emotions that are main fuel for change. This is true in all contexts and also in SW development.

One other way to inspect the subject is to have a look what others are writing about it: this is from Dan Rockwell I mostly agree with him but one additional viewpoint might be added; what is an Average Joe in SW development? What are people supposed to do when more and more is asked all the time? My Average Joe as a person who puts his/her heart into SW development, cares for it, pushes for continuous improvement and is also able to share this to others. Sounds a bit like me, perhaps…



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I believe in teams, personal development, humanity and good life.
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