A poor craftsman blames his tools

They say that “a poor craftsman blames his tools”

That is well said but in an enterprise the craftsmen usually have not had any control of their tools and via this mechanism they are by nature not even interested in tools. The only exception to this is that they do blame the tools, but it is not out of actual passion to make good quality software with state of the art tools.  The blaming and complaining is not due to the absence of modern tools but the absence of the software craftsmanship culture.


With agile the freedom of selecting one’s tools brings a dilemma. You should also know how to make use of the modern sw development tools and have the right mindset.

The mindset is the hard part, with tools it is a less rocky path. Not a silver bullet but still, there’s few simple steps you need to commit into.

1. Professional coaching and fresh ideas/persons need to be planted

2. Continuously improve craftsman skills, study, learn, share

3. Grow the craftsmanship culture and make it visible

4. Go to 1.

There needs to be a culture of continuous improvement and passion. If you are missing passion, then you are not making progress. The tools are not the solution for bad sw craftsmanship, this can  be seen from the manifesto. Use of modern tools (usually making things more efficient and simple) comes as a side product once the culture is in place.

Developers and the whole organization should be proud and passionate about the software that they develop.

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1 Response to A poor craftsman blames his tools

  1. I agree that craftsmanship is very important. However using professional tools cannot be replaced with pure knowledge and experience. if you want to make a great omelet you still need a good pan and proper heating. Having ingredients, knowledge, passion and experience are just not enough.

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