Impatience is a virtue?

Many companies and managers are looking for silver bullets, fast gains and easy profits. Still no silver bullets. Luckily for us: many big organizations who are undergoing transformation and change are doing it for a reason. If you cannot answer why, it is about time to stop and start to work with your surroundings and let your brain to the work. On the other hand, if everything around you is about going for full speed towards unknown, something might be wrong. What does full speed mean in organizational context anyway?

From what I have witnessed it is clear that “go and see” approach is extremely difficult for different leaders and managers. There are million excuses why it is so impossible to have regular time with your people and listen to what they have to say. In some cases go-see is replaced with “transparency” which in this context is just another word for more detailed reporting and micromanaging. My interpretation of reporting: it is a formal way of showing mistrust for your people. I actually feel that reporting vs real transparency would make pretty good measures for the health check of your organization. Go and see provides you understanding and trust for the organization and the value received and given is great. What really prevents us from doing this?      .

In our organization we see Lean-Agile as a vehicle for something bigger and wider: we are facing a cultural (r)evolution and fundamental mindset change. Can this vehicle then make us really, really successful? Many adoptions fail and do not provide significant improvements. Is it then vehicle´s fault that reason was not achieved or even defined? Going beyond processes requires courage and hard work. The reward is tempting but will not be achieved by all change initiatives…

Generation Y is right now entering into different organizations and starting also their own businesses. This group of young, brilliant people will definitely change existing businesses and corporations much more than the previous generations. For them it is natural to think: “It is your life and you are responsible how you want to use your time”. This is great but some rules and boundaries within (work)life are not yet familiar to all of them , so it is extremely interesting to see how it all turns our eventually (we will for sure see a lot of cultural crashes).  For example using social networks and communities are a natural part of their life and usually not part of senior managers life. Will these two ever meet? Do we share the same values in life?

Business Leaders and Ecutives are in a new situation. The pace business is nowadays changing is much faster than the traditional approaches can handle. Real change takes years and this kind of perspective is seldom tolerated from stakeholders, especially when applied into operative dimension. This is one of the main sources for the impatience seen among stakeholders, C-levels and other executives. My bet is that those companies who have more courage and take this change to roots of the organization and culture will be the winners. Even more success is expected when there is willingness and understanding to wait for the rewards. Here impatience will destroy a lot of good stuff that is already boiling in different organizations. Be patient and sometimes follow your nose!

About Henri Kivioja

I believe in teams, personal development, humanity and good life.
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