Next Generation will Demand Coaching

Next generation employees will take it for granted to get coaching when facing new tasks and challenges. It is being built in to their daily life(!) in, for me at least, a bit surprisingly way.

Just look what popped up when my 10-year-old started one of those multiuser team games the other day:


So the gamers have realized that the fastest way to get a new player on-board is to immediately offer coaching help, explain goals, answer questions, show a few tricks, initiate communication and show interest in a new player. The underlying purpose here is of course to get the player motivated to stay on-line and continue to play the game, creating revenues for the gaming company. But there is no coincidence coaching is brought into the picture; research show Autonomous, Mastery and Purpose (Reference) being the main drivers for motivation and the gaming industry probably knows that coaching is a good way to boost those values.
When we like to attract skillful employees and have them “play” in our company for a long time we need to boost the same values – where coaching most likely is a very useful tool.

Regardless of purpose, Kids of today will get used to take help and be open for coaching when facing challenges and new tasks. I will be the natural way of learning. And when they realize that, do you think they will accept a slower way to learn when entering the job market?I think they will require coaching by their coming employer.

Johan (Welund) Westerlund

PS. In our Telecom software industry we are often looking at the gaming industry as they are ahead in many software development processes with their frequent releases and customer responsiveness, now it turns out they are doing quite well in people management skills as well…

PS2: Transcription of picture “Do you want a coach? Do you like help from another player in your current game? ….”

About Johan (Welund) Westerlund

Coach, Mentor and Trainer of Teams, Leaders and Organizations in Lean/Agile Values, Principles, Methods and Tools. Founder of Uniqa Team AB
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2 Responses to Next Generation will Demand Coaching

  1. It is not only in the games. My 16 year old just started school. Every morning hi is offered a coaching session from his teachers. Of course it might still be more teaching than coaching but also teachers will need to improve their coaching skills…
    I agree, coaching is really a key to accelerate learning.

  2. Antti Jarva says:

    Coaching not only is useful for learning purposes, but also makes it possible to collaboratively exchange knowledge – and create something new.

    Best regards: Antti Jarva

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