Radical Coaching -The Ultimate Gemba

Agile and Lean touches values and principles. However, this is not enough. There is more than meets the eye: people, their emotions and feelings. Radical Coaching is targeted exactly towards this; we need to address our inner self and be able to encounter each other as humans and unique individuals. This approach will provide to us an safe environment where we can start to investigate and understand each other in a new way, and where we can continue to work together with much deeper understanding about us. This will result to a situation and environment where we mutually build and work towards something positive and good. It is the essence of continuous improvement, effective workplace and other aspects that will make the great difference.

“A growing and long-living community which is targeted towards the activists of the organization. The goal is to support and empower individuals, teams and organization with change by new means. One sentence to describe it: The Ultimate Gemba!”

We have been busy. Not “busy, busy” but enthusiastic and involved. The reason is simple, we have started to understand how to move into next level. Learning from past, looking into future but living in the moment. When we look at the world around us it is becoming clear: It is happening now, the new paradigm movement. Movement around leadership and coaching that is based on discussing and listening. Person meeting person, out from the roles and structures. To be honest, this is something way bigger and more fundamental than anything I have witnessed before.

In practice we always start with new (small) group with an intensive session. They usually last 48 hours and require intimacy and devotion. We use some simple models and few basic building blocks, like:

Safety. Without safety there is no trust. Trust means mutual approval: both entities allow each other to enter closer. Build safety in. 

Love. Without caring there will not be world-class products and services. If craftsmen do not love their work there is a small probability that it will be a success. Love is all you need.

Enthusiasm. One needs to be active. Emotions spread around so make sure you have plenty of good emotions around you. Try to keep the spirit of child in you.

Miracles. They are the good deeds we sometimes do. More generally miracle is a positive change towards something better. Miracles only happen in dogma-free zone.

How these intensive sessions are then constructed? For individual: in order to embrace change you have to be ready and willing to take new insight into you. This can be helped through intensive training and deep discussions. This happens always in safe context and positive environment. For group: it is good to have a good mixture of people from different areas, ages and demographics. Group dynamics are shaped in 48hour intensive sessions that are led by trainers. After first session the journey actually starts. We support our growth with Spotify playlist (the same songs that we use in the trainings), Google+ community and of course with refill sessions and intensives. No one is left alone and we help each other out.

This is how “managers” meet with “developers”. This is how “testers” understand “coaches”. It is all very natural, logical and it all fits nicely together. Radical Coaching is about You and Me.


About Henri Kivioja

I believe in teams, personal development, humanity and good life.
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