Another Workshop in introducing Lean&Agile…

PaperArtist_2013-04-25_18-13-15_resizedToo many workshops are held these days with the aim to introduce Lean and Agile ways of working. There are two issues with that, first L&A is not only about ways of working, secondly the aim must be a real gain or a real problem to solve. Lean & Agile as no value on it’s own.  A customer will never pay any extra for a product developed in a certain manner based on certain values, they will pay for the value the product and supplier is giving them.

The problem often arise in the end of such a workshop when there shall be a number of actions created. (Typical for this types of workshops is that it’s success is measured as number of powerful actions) The actions is then often aimed at transforming  into Lean operations or get teams working agile. This without reflecting on the real purpose. What is the expected result from team using scrum? What is the result an organization want to see by adapting a Lean mindset?

Not all Lean & Agile workshop is problematic, it can be very good for education, inspiration and adapt principles and values. When it come to seek actions I recommend to focus on the actual problem or wanted results. Here are some examples on workshops where finding applicable actions is more likely both to find and to be successful:


  • WS on setting goals and targets in-line with lean values and principles
    The lean aspect on this is how we set goals on values and results over performing actions. How we set targets based on throughput and value creation instead of resource utilization. How to avoid that KPI’s drives unwanted behaviors. How we as a leadership team can set the principles and parameters for KPI’s but letting the organization set the values.
  • WS on boosting teams performance using agile
    From Agile and Management 3.0 we can add a lot around motivators for team, self-organizing, what does a high performing Team Environment look like. How should management treat a team to get the most out of it. Team charters and soft characteristics that makes team to hyper perform.
  • WS to increase quality
    From Lean we can learn the stop-the-line mentality, shorten every feedback loop. Look into the journey to Continuous Deployment via Continuous Integration and Continuous Deliveries. In XP we can learn test driven development and a bunch of other tools. 
  • WS on improving a leadership team’s ability to build a good organization
    Applying the high performing team methods and values we derive from agile teams into the leadership team. Lean concepts as pulse meetings and gemba tours, how can they be used? 
  • WS on to get the most out of project managers in an agile development organization
    What is it the teams and development organization needs to get support
    ith from a project manager in an agile environment? Why is it important and what needs to change to get from  “Command, Control and Planning” to “Sense, Adapt and Scenarios”?

…. And on and on, the list can be long.

The recommendation in two statements:

A Workshop in Lean & Agile is for inspiration, education and adapting principles and values

 A Workshop to improve organizations, operations and ways of working should target the wanted result or issue to improve.


About Johan (Welund) Westerlund

Coach, Mentor and Trainer of Teams, Leaders and Organizations in Lean/Agile Values, Principles, Methods and Tools. Founder of Uniqa Team AB
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  1. andreas says:

    Agree 100%

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