Some thoughts about self-assessment

I googled for some ready made question sets about the subject, but could not find any “full set” that would suit my needs. So, here is a collection of questions that You might find suitable for You.

The questions are divided to two parts; first part of the questions are only for You to answer. The second part is a basis for feedback.

I personally tested this set in a “safe environment” with one colleague i trust (we actually answered all of the questions together). Now i have a clear vision for what i should continue on and what i should stop or change.

Here goes:

1. Questions for you to answer about you:

1.a Identify what you like most about your current job

1.b What accomplishment and achievements are you the most proud of this year/period/etc? (It really does not have to be done 100% by you)

1.c Identify the components of your job you would like to change or eliminate. Why?

1.d Can any of those things you want to eliminate or change be translated into a goal for you? List.

2. Questions for yourself AND others

2.a Participation and contribution to the team/community?

2.b Impact on others?

2.c Key development areas?

It took me & my peer 2 hours to answer the questions, and i think it was time well spent.

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