Radical Movement

We are in people business. In the heart of knowledge work are people, their intellectual, social and emotional capabilities. This “assett” cannot be led by traditional methods. New skills and abilities are needed. World needs more soft aspects; it is more important to discuss about safety than new process or way of working. This change is more fundamental than any what we have seen previously in modern business environment. Actually this is the true survival of the fittest. The ones who understand and are able to do this will have definite competive advantage. Big amount of people on their side.

I have been asked what and how we do this in different communities? How do you make sure that people are going into right direction? You don`t! When group of people move towards something new there are many different paths. What is important is that we share enough common understanding about where are we aiming. Moving towards something better as a group is something we call Radical Movement. It is not very radical as such, but for conventional thinkers it might feel like it. Here are some characteristics how we think:

  • We move as a group, not as individuals
  • Individuals are respected and listened to by everyone
  • We need together decide if we want to set new vision
  • A common good is more important than individual needs
  • Thinking big means thinking others first
  • Moving from “what is in it for me” towards “what is in for us” and “what is in it for the world”. Keywords here are empathy and compassion.
  • Life is great!

When collectively improving on thinking and in our behaviour, the quality of life for everyone moves to new level. Isn`t that one of the main purposes of our existence?


About Henri Kivioja

I believe in teams, personal development, humanity and good life.
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