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Another Workshop in introducing Lean&Agile…

Too many workshops are held these days with the aim to introduce Lean and Agile ways of working. There are two issues with that, first L&A is not only about ways of working, secondly the aim must be a real gain … Continue reading

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The Myths with Alignment

At the moment there is lot of talk within in our great company of the need to align ways of working and tools across the organization.  Alignment is the new black, always political correct to argue. I think it comes from … Continue reading

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Dream of Radical Communication Boost

The other night I had a thoughtful dream…. I went to work an ordinary Monday morning. When entering the building I notice there was a non-typical morning, people where standing drinking coffee, talking about the weekend – it was a … Continue reading

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Product Ownership Evolution, part 1

This post is the first (out of 4) of blog series about Product Ownership Evolution. Our organization has been evolving quite a bit in our Product Ownership thinking and understanding during our transformation journey. In these blog posts I try to … Continue reading

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Growing agility

Was it a writer’s block or what? I don’t know but I haven’t been that active on the blogging front for a while. Good thing is that Henri has been active with sharing his thoughts on interesting topics. Check more from … Continue reading

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Agile Risk Management

I have been watching (as an observer) a discussion related to one of the core practices within traditional (project) management -Risk Management. It has made me a bit sad to look at these intelligent people once again to fall into … Continue reading

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Social Media inside Enterprise

I have been an active user of internet since Lynx days. For me it is just natural to use modern social media tools; share, collaborate, discuss and communicate. For some reason it is not that easy for most of the … Continue reading

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Retrospectives vs PDCA

Retrospectives are good. We all agree on that. Scrum emphasizes retro as the main source of Continuous learning and improvement. Prime Directive on Retrospectives states: “Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best … Continue reading

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Agile Test Strategy and Structure

Agile and Lean thinking changed the way we develop software. That’s for sure. But I think it didn’t change the way we implement software so much that it changed the world around it. For example testing. There’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Improvement items in the Product Backlog

The Scrum Product Backlog is Product Owner’s tool to communicate customer’s needs to development Teams in a prioritized order. Unfortunately that is not so simple as it sounds: Backlog and the way it is implemented creates the boundaries of self-organization … Continue reading

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