During the Agile journey we had to introduce some new vocabulary to be used in numerous debates about the new culture, new way-of-working. To be true insider of the Agile Inc. check them out:

One lap behind, ‘takamatka’ – a person that values the items on the right more
Old Culture – traditional, old-school management
King of Sweden – highest level of authority and top executive force
Minor disagreement – two persons disagreement about totally different topics
Obsolete argument – constructive feedback on differing opinions
Operative Mode – when falsely trying to impress others about high intrinsic motivation
Baron Meter – how many pints are needed in order to get forward in social conversation
Welding – the hardcore discussions (2-14 hours) happening after some pints – ‘hitsaus’
Mycine – Smallest batch size that is used in welding, usually mycine flows all evening long. ‘mysiini’

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