Check this out: Programming exercises

“prax·is /prak’-sis/

  1. practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills
  2. convention, habit, or custom
  3. a set of examples for practice”

Something for the developers who do not want to stop honing their skills.   Good stuff for Agile Developers / software craftsmanship.



“[continuous integration] Feedback channels can’t be engineered. They emerge from the needs of the community”


Distance reveals true emotions. When you look things from too short distance the big picture gets distorted and dependencies are not easy to see. Use different angles and come back to original question/problem.



No matter how hard you try and squeeze, you will anyway partially fail. And that is ok as long as you keep going. But remember that your whole might differ from what others see: everyone need to build their own pyramids.



When you are surrounded by passionate and motivated people you know that you have found a good place to work. Organizational culture is made of great people doing good deeds.


Recently some people argued that Agile/Scrum principle “have a possibility to ship out SW to customers after each iteration” is not valid to our business as we release ~once per year. I think that when keeping the SW in a shippable shape after each iteration gives a tremendous quality boost and opens up developers eyes to totally new world. It forces the organization to improve so much that eventually business will surely follow…



I’m have recently had many discussions where I have been told that an organization should first improve their delivery quality and then implement the process changes needed for Continuous Integration. CI improves delivery quality tremendously. Chicken and egg.


We attended to Continuous Integration “drivers” workshop in one of our neighboring organization. It was nice to see that the CI thinking is quite universal and applies also to product that has history of several decades. In addition, our approach to authorize cross-functional teams to define the test strategy was appreciated.

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