Tampere Goes Agile 2012

Tampere Goes Agile 2012 13.10.2012

Agenda for Tampere Goes Agile is found here

Follow the event on Twitter: #tga12 or use this direct link also #tmpgoesagile or #tamperegoesagile might be used.
On the road at #tga12 by Kjell Lauren (@klauren69), Henrik Taubert (@htaubert), Marko Seikola (@mseikola), Ismo Aro (@ismoaro) and Henri Kivioja (@hkivioja) ********************************************************************************

Democracy at Work — How Agile is revolutionizing the work place! by Vasco Duarte

    • Workplace changing fast due to global changes
    • Change, but how???
    • Average lifespan of companies is 15 years
    • What will change in your lifetime?? Nothing!
    • Democracy has proven to be longterm stable
    • Democracy changes society
    • Democracy is about what is common
    • How do we make feedback loops work??
    • To learn we need to experiment
    • Adaptation requires sensing
    • Reflection leads to change
    • Inspection in everything we do
    • Agile: Recognize your context
    • You have to understand the context you are inspecting
    • Agile adaptation for process, PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)

HyperAgile: Empowering Creativity within sw development processes by  Sam Aaron @samaaron

  • Programming music vs. “enterprise sw” – similar constraints in terms of real-time reqs.
  • Agile is about empowering the PO -> programming becomes less creative, but it is not necessarily a bad thing -> programmers must be kept happy, feel satisfied with what they do…
  • Hyper-agile -> providing flow to programming, ie instant feedback.
  • Touch typing, essential for flow, makes programming more efficient, it enables you to concentrate on more important things..
  • BYOL – Build your own Lightsaber…
    • customise the tools for your own needs.
  • Emacs Live — Create your tools to make programming more fun.

Building the Right Thing: Developer Point-of-View by Markus Hjort

  • Comparing development SW to sailing a ship
  • You can’t always take the straight path, rather adapt to the changing environment
  • Always fine tune where you want to go
  • Deliver working increment required by business
  • We (often) write code faster than we can — we can of course go faster, but the amount of faults tend to increase.
  • We code without knowing where we are going
  • “Nothing is as embarrassing as a ship sailing FAST to a WRONG direction!”
  • “Writing SW is not the fastest way to learn what to build” — stop and reflect until you understand what you want to build.
  • How to make code reviews efficient with distributed teams? — Helping others might seems to slow you down, but for the team it always makes sense to first finish the tasks that are closest to done. “First help others, then write your own code”

Zero day exploit — the old management mafia p0wned your product! by Martin von Weissenberg

  • Governance in Product Management – an Agile overview
  • Governance is WHAT decisions are seen as important in the organization, WHO is allowed to make decisions
  • Agile and governance will change structures and style of governance, who – when – how
  • from line to team,
  • from monthly to daily,
  • from management decision to group agreement,
  • from reports to transparent metrics
  • What is complex? (Study made, results presented here)
  • Different groups have different opinions on governance
  • Many weak opinions: confusion
  • Many strong opinions: Missing governance structure means inventing a new structure for each decision

Panel Discussion: Company that builds the right thing by Horace Dediu, Devin Hunt and Marko Taipale

Live music hacking with Overtone by Sam Aaron

  • Very cool show about coding music, controlling lights and smoke with Overtone
    • excessive smoke ended up causing a fire alarm and a visit from the fire dept. Luckily no sprinklers, though. 🙂

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