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Product Ownership Evolution, part 1

This post is the first (out of 4) of blog series about Product Ownership Evolution. Our organization has been evolving quite a bit in our Product Ownership thinking and understanding during our transformation journey. In these blog posts I try to … Continue reading

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Retrospectives vs PDCA

Retrospectives are good. We all agree on that. Scrum emphasizes retro as the main source of Continuous learning and improvement. Prime Directive on Retrospectives states: “Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best … Continue reading

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ScrumMasters and Change

Some Faulty or incomplete claims we want to challenge ScrumMasters are THE change agents in Agile Transformation. True and False. ScM`s do invaluable work on team level. Some ScrumMasters are also able to have organizational impact and right connections. But … Continue reading

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Improvement items in the Product Backlog

The Scrum Product Backlog is Product Owner’s tool to communicate customer’s needs to development Teams in a prioritized order. Unfortunately that is not so simple as it sounds: Backlog and the way it is implemented creates the boundaries of self-organization … Continue reading

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Delegation Game between Product Owner and Teams

In his Agile Management course Jurgen Appelo introduces the Delegation Game for managers to rehearse delegation of authority. The game is all about managers developing intuition in determining what delegation level to use in which situations. The game itself is … Continue reading

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