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Introducing Mob Programming to teams

I have recently been introduced to Mob programming by Woody Zuill andLlewellyn Falco. So what exactly is Mob programming? The essence of it is pretty well captured in this tweet (press play icon): #MobProgramming It's about getting the BEST (not the … Continue reading

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Definition of Done for Coaching?

Wikipedia phrases Definition of Done as follows: The exit-criteria to determine whether a product backlog item is complete. In many cases the DoD requires that all regression tests should be successful. Probably based on this I have lately been in discussions related to Coaching … Continue reading

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Product Ownership Evolution, part 2

Scaled-Up Scrum Scrum is fairly simple from practices point of view (and claimed to be powerful, when applied correctly). You work in timeboxed iterations with a team, Product Owner and ScrumMaster. You apply certain ceremonies (Daily Scrum, Groomings/Sprint Planning, Retrospectives, … Continue reading

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Next Generation will Demand Coaching

Next generation employees will take it for granted to get coaching when facing new tasks and challenges. It is being built in to their daily life(!) in, for me at least, a bit surprisingly way. Just look what popped up when my … Continue reading

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Product Ownership Evolution, part 1

This post is the first (out of 4) of blog series about Product Ownership Evolution. Our organization has been evolving quite a bit in our Product Ownership thinking and understanding during our transformation journey. In these blog posts I try to … Continue reading

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Agile Risk Management

I have been watching (as an observer) a discussion related to one of the core practices within traditional (project) management -Risk Management. It has made me a bit sad to look at these intelligent people once again to fall into … Continue reading

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Self-steering Hybrid Organization

We have seen many times in the past that even under the pressure of delayed project people refuse to take short-cuts in their work. They are obsessed with the quality of their work. Still you get 13,4 million hits for … Continue reading

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Retrospectives vs PDCA

Retrospectives are good. We all agree on that. Scrum emphasizes retro as the main source of Continuous learning and improvement. Prime Directive on Retrospectives states: “Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best … Continue reading

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This post is an edited version from previously published writing in my old blog. Lately in our organization we have been thinking and talking a lot about motivation. Dan Pink`s top seller ´Drive´deals a lot with intrinsic motivation and I … Continue reading

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ScrumMasters and Change

Some Faulty or incomplete claims we want to challenge ScrumMasters are THE change agents in Agile Transformation. True and False. ScM`s do invaluable work on team level. Some ScrumMasters are also able to have organizational impact and right connections. But … Continue reading

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