AgilaSverige 2012

Time for Agila Sverige 2012 meaning two intensive days of Lightning talks, Open X Ignites and Lab’s. Detailed agenda of the two days is found here.

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On the road at #agilasverige by Kjell Lauren (@klauren69)

Peter Antmans summary is found here
Ulrika Parks summary is found here

Some of the recorded videos are found here

Pictures from day1 and day2.


Day1 Monday 23.4.2012
1st day of AgilaSverige started out with a Fishbowl where several items were discussed:
– difference between Agile and Lean, they are not the same and are not changeable
– self-organizing teams
– salary reviews: how to take into account team and Agile, not anymore individuals
– individual salary, Agile teams, self-organizing, how does this come together????
– role of ScM? who should be ScM? most technical in team? most social in team???
Valve handbook for new employees and How it works in practice
– assign yourself a role, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you
– Socrates method: You are always wrong in the beginning

Some highlights from the Lightning talks:

Aristotles simplification (Joakim Holm)
– there are two views: form or function, which are in an unhealthy conflict
– quality is important for both views
– “People think it’s this veneer — that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

See the world through the end users eyes! (Jonas Hermansson)
– Who is the end user?
– use personas to ease up the work, max 4-5 personas
– define the personas in the beginning of the project (name, picture, age, role, definition, ned and goal)

Everything cannot be tumble dried, but everything can be measured (Torbjörn Gyllebring)
– Measurements gives direction
– Measure what is important, not what is easy!
– No exact figures are needed, it is the direction that is needed

Do not disturb, sub-optimising ongoing (Maria Thelin)
– Is the game over for the “sluggish old giants”???
– Resource optimizing – flow objects are waiting
– Flow optimizing – resources are waiting
– Two completely opposite business strategies

After the lightning talks the day continued with plenty of open X sessions with many different topics, most of them taking a deeper dive into the topics introduced in the lightning talks.

Openspace agenda for monday:
AgilaSverige Openspace agenda for Monday 23.4.2012
Click here for full size picture of the agenda.

Day2 Tuesday 24.4.2012

Day two kick started directly with lightning talks, so straight down to business.

Inclusion rather than integration (Staffan Nöteberg)
– not always good to remove the weakest link, it might have a negative effect on the remaining team
– Example: Did the monkey banana and water spray experiment ever take place?
– Summary: Enlarged normality concepts, see the whole of the team, see capabilities&skills
– Homework: How can you co-operate better with the most irritating person in your team?

Lean Startup (Fredrik Jonsson)
– a story about Cloudbase a lean startup
– Are we doing the right thing?
– Are we creating value for our customers?
– Book: The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries
– Start with an assumption
– Experiment in order to get fast feedback
– Measure on value metrics
– Optimize or change direction
– Minimun Marketable Feature – is anyone interested?

What did Ken and Jeff miss? ()
– Product cycle and learning cycle doesn’t have to be connected
– not mandatory to deliver every sprint, more important to get good at what we do

Agile@Home (Henrik Kniberg)
– Story of how Henrik Kniberg has implemented Agile@Home
– activity board
– party board
– BBQ board
– kids party board, kids get to put up what they want for their birthday party
– homework burnup
– travel plan board, made spike before going for 6 months trip to test luggage size etc
– kitchen value stream map, how long before your dishes are clean again

Agile Product Management – different viewpoints (Erik Bjernulf)
– Agile developer view on product management
* product owner = product management
* available 24/7
* no fixed release content, we are agile now
– Agile developers complaints on PM
* product management not available
* product management changes their mind too often
* not available
– Product management view on Agile developer
* I don’t cara about your development methodologies – just give me my product on time
– Agile is adding more tasks for PM
– Site on product management
– Book: The Art of Product Management
– Product management has always been Agile, but just started their adoption to Agile R&D

Toyota Kata for your vacation (Maria Alfredéen)
– have the correct vision drive your improvement work
– a good vision for improvement work
* inspiring
* relevant
* specific
* multi-dimensional

What is Lean? Really? (Torbjörn Lundquist)
– Book: Vad är Lean? by Niklas Modig and Pär Åhlström
– Lean is a business strategy that focuses on flow efficiency
– Focus on resources: hospital, airline
– Focus on flow: luxury hotel, fire arms, Zara

A company is Lean if:

Motivation, feeling with a price tag (Kajsa)
– Motivation != Motivering
– is a positive feeling
– find your own or teams motivation and motivation factors
– motivation is individual
– motivation factors: engagement, freedom, fun, responsibility, learning, clear goals
– You can’t force your motivation on someone else!

Time to refactor (Daniel Brolund)
– Borrow more or pay your debt?
– count the minutes: how many minutes doe every team member spends on something common which is waste, e.g. 1 min/day => 33h/year or 10 min/day => 330h/year
– preparations for large refactoring: mental, best learning, critical mass (change agents), everything is relative, branch, verify, get feedback, tools, talk about the code, consequenses.
– After the storm, what do you mean “after” ?!?
– Do like the very best – refactor!

Openspace agenda for tuesday:
Openspace agenda tuesday

Click here for full size picture of the agenda.

Some notes from open spaces:
The 8-step process for Leading Change, couple of related books below
– Book: Leading Change by John Kotter
– Book: Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions
– and a presentation on the above (google for more hits)
– Programmer Anarchy, see links below
– Metrics in practice
Metrics in practice

Metrics result1Metrics result2Metrics result3

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